SSCI, a division of Albany Molecular Research, Inc, is looking forward to attending the 2017 AAPS National Biotechnology Conference. The San Diego National Biotechnology Conference will open on May 1 and run through May 3 and features sessions focused on five themes from different scientific perspectives; Bioanalysis and Biomarkers, Biosimilars, Emerging Topics, Formulation Development, Drug Delivery, and Manufacturing, and Novel Therapeutic Constructs and Modalities.

“We look forward to attending this invaluable conference, so that we remain on the cutting edge of trends and issues related to bioanalytical methods for qualitative and quantitative identification,” commented Patrick Tishmack, PhD, Director Analytical Development , who leads the Biochemistry Services at SSCI. “Many of these therapeutic proteins typically exist in the solid state as lyophilized powders during their manufacture or in a final formulation. Few proteins are produced as crystals or formulated as mixtures of crystalline and amorphous protein. Therefore, SSCI is uniquely positioned to provide an understanding of the properties of biologics in the solid-state or as liquid formulations, which is of critical importance both in the development of the product and for regulatory approval.”