SSCI Adds Rigaku SuperNova Diffraction System for Small Molecule Crystallography


SSCI, a Division of Albany Molecular Research Inc. (AMRI), located in West Lafayette, Indiana, has further enhanced its capabilities in the areas of crystalline form indexing and single crystal structure determination, through the addition of the Rigaku Oxford Diffraction (ROD) SuperNova Diffraction System.

Pamela Smith, Ph.D., Senior Director and Site Head at SSCI, said, “The expanded capability enhances our early development support for rapidly targeting a crystalline form and provides our scientists with the ability to obtain valuable crystallographic information for the clients we serve.”

The ROD SuperNova Diffraction System is a flexible system for small molecule 3D structure analysis and provides SSCI with state-of-the-art structure solution capability utilizing a high- performance combination of micro-focus x-ray source and HPAD detector. Having this instrument available in-house will provide SSCI’s scientists, who are skilled with growing single crystals of suitable size and quality, with another powerful tool to confirm crystalline form, composition and absolute configuration of the chemical structure. This capability will also allow high-quality x-ray powder diffraction data to be obtained on small amounts of powder samples providing important information about particle statistics and preferred orientation effects.

The system, which will be installed and operational by April 2016, provides direct access to high- quality single crystal structure data as a stand-alone service offering and will further enhance the valuable information that SSCI delivers from polymorph, salt and cocrystal screens. According to Brett Cowans, Ph.D., Director of Material Science at SSCI, this addition brings significant value to AMRI’s clients.

“Having in-house single crystal diffraction capability coupled with SSCI’s industry-leading expertise in solid-state chemistry, the resulting data and corresponding expert scientific interpretation will be at a standard that is unmatched in the contract solid-state and analytical services industry,” Dr. Cowans said.



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