Counterfeit Analysis

Counterfeit Analysis 2018-05-04T05:40:13+00:00

SSCI offers comprehensive services for counterfeit pharmaceutical analysis.


Through the use of multiple analysis techniques, electronic reference libraries of authentic materials and their properties can be generated.  Once these databases have been created, suspect materials can be quickly analyzed and classified as authentic or counterfeit by comparison to the data in the reference libraries. A number of different product features can be utilized to determine the presence of counterfeit materials including packaging characteristics, tablet coatings, dyes or colorants, sample composition, and sample purity.  The use of proven innovative approaches and the latest analytical technology gives SSCI the ability to provide results which are of the highest quality and accuracy.

Utilizing our extensive experience in pharmaceutical products analysis, SSCI can help your organization develop a strategy that will help prevent counterfeit samples of your product from reaching the market.