AMRI’s SSCI Adds Cobalt Light Systems Transmission Raman Spectrometer to Expand Vibrational Spectroscopy Services

Further enhances solid state characterization and method development capabilities and is uniquely suited for applications requiring acquisition of a large number of spectra for both quantitative or qualitative analysis.


SSCI, part of AMRI’s Global Analytical Services, has further enhanced its solid state characterization and method development capabilities, through the addition of the Cobalt Light Systems TRS100 Transmission Raman Spectrometer.

“The TRS100 enhances our advanced solid-state characterization technology in vibrational spectroscopy and allows SSCI spectroscopists to rapidly acquire high-quality spectra for our customers engaged in problem-solving and product development activities,” said Pamela Smith, Ph.D., vice president of global analytical services at AMRI.

Transmission Raman spectroscopy is a relatively new commercial application of Raman spectroscopy. A growing number of studies(1,2,3,4) show various uses of transmission Raman spectra for quantitative and qualitative analysis of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) in various drug product formulations and with a broad span of API concentrations. The TRS100 at SSCI features the ability to acquire spectra with variable laser spot size and variable optics for collecting transmitted Raman signal. The TRS100 can accommodate both powder and tablet samples and enables spectra to be acquired from a large number of samples in a completely automated manner with next to no sample preparation. The system has demonstrated that very good quality spectra can be obtained from short acquisition times. This allows a thorough interrogation of the sample and minimizes risks due to inhomogeneity.

“The system is uniquely suited for applications requiring acquisition of a large number of spectra for our quantitative or qualitative analysis service offering and will further enhance the valuable information that SSCI delivers for design of experiments (DOE) and quality by design (QbD) studies,” said Patrick Tishmack, Ph.D., director of analytical services at SSCI. “Having no sample preparation coupled with stand-alone chemometrics software provides a direct path for immediate multivariate analysis.”

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