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About SSCI, A Division of Albany Molecular Research, Inc. (AMRI)

SSCI, A Division of AMRI provides comprehensive cGMP solid state chemistry research and analytical services to the pharmaceutical industry. We accelerate the pace at which our clients develop their products whilst improving the quality of the drugs that they offer to the world.


SSCI’s laboratories occupy 44,000 square feet in a dedicated facility at the Purdue Research Park in West Lafayette, Indiana. We are only minutes away from Purdue University’s main campus, providing us access to multidisciplinary consulting and specialized analytical techniques. We have all of the major equipment needed for comprehensive solid state chemistry research.


SSCI was founded in 1991 to provide professional development short courses and other educational services to the pharmaceutical industry. Since then, the company has greatly expanded its capabilities and personnel. SSCI’s primary business now is cGMP contract research. Our talented and dedicated workforce consists primarily of research scientists, over half with advanced degrees. SSCI’s scientists are closely connected to both the academic and industrial worlds of pharmacy, chemistry, and analytical instrumentation. Collectively, we have great experience in both science and management from major pharmaceutical and specialty chemical companies. The diverse academic backgrounds of our key scientists include 30 different branches of chemistry, biology, physics, engineering, and pharmaceutical sciences. We have the experience to solve even your most difficult problems. To get a sense of SSCI’s technical breadth, see our List of Selected Publications.

Albany Molecular Research, Inc.

In February 2015 SSCI was acquired by Albany Molecular Research, Inc. (AMRI). As a division of AMRI, SSCI will continue to deliver exceptional results for our clients. AMRI is a leading contract research and manufacturing service provider to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries with a global presence and a strategy to be the preeminent supplier of custom and complex drug product development and manufacturing services. The AMRI corporate office is located in Albany, NY and has multiple facilities across the US, UK, and Asia. Additional information about AMRI can be found at the following link: http://www.amriglobal.com/.

SSCI Mission Statement

At SSCI we seek to be leaders and innovators in the field and apply our understanding of solid-state chemistry to provide our customers with superior services and expedited regulatory approvals. We are committed to creating a good workplace and opportunities to grow for our employees, consistent with appropriate profits and growth for the company.